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Festival In The Clouds


We'd planned a super festival
With literature and art
Twenty venues sorted
And that was just the start
More Than Words the title
Authors were booked in
A showcase this for Clevedon
To halt would be a sin
But then there came the virus
Pandemic 'cross the Earth
We would need postponement
The risk it wasn't worth
So we went to the Internet
Podcasts and videos
Presentation in the clouds
Would preview all our shows

Words to bring us closer
When danger lurks in crowds
Art and music blending
Our heritage spoke loud
Literature a comfort
Artists joined as one
Writers linked with players
To bring us rays of sun
No social isolation
Should take our human sense
Sharing inspiration
Is still our best defence

So now the world will join in
And see our cultural past

Linked with modern talent

And this won't be the last.

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