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On The Bondue


I love you on the bondue

I love you on the beach

I love you on a sunny isle

When we seem out of reach


I love you with your George and Lou

For Granny’s magic hours

While Claire and Andy keep you stoked

With snacks and brandy sours


I love you at the Kurium

While strolling on the sand

I love you sat at Dreamers Bay

Where we lay hand in hand


I love you in the Troodos

At play in Cyprus snow

I love you down at Buttons Bay

Where hungry fishes go


I love you walking on the shore

With just a feathered guide

To show you with its brilliant hue

A safe path through the tide


I love you out at Ryans

I love you in the camp

I love you in the maid’s bedroom

When you turn out the lamp


I love you down in Limassol

When seeking out nice shoes

I love you in the NAAFI aisles

When snapping up cheap booze


I’ll love you over Christmas

And through the bright New Year

But more especially, Sally mine,

I’ll love to have you here.

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