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Clevedon Sunset 


Along the streets of stone-cast villas

Heavy with poetic muse

Paths of history leading seawards

To the bay of sunset views

Where giant fans of golden searchlights

Pierce the clouds of dark'ning grey

Catching ships within their broad sweep

As the dusk winds down the day

Through the bandstand's note-filled arches

Landscape artists' hues remain

On palettes formed from out the heavens 

Reflecting down their pink-tinged stain

O'er the old pier's spans of iron

Hov'ring ducks ride zephyr trails

Heading out into the Channel

Silhouetted 'gainst far Wales

Pinpoint lights in looping garlands

Lead the eye to where Wains Hill

Towers above the travelling fairground

Candy floss and high-pitched thrill

Dodgem cars and swinging galleons

Hoopla stalls and music blare

Tempt the townsfolk out to wander

There the summer night to share.

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