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Vlad The Invader

Vlad Dracula was legend, quite like the fang-toothed Count,

In 15th Century Europe shed blood in vast amounts

Invading poor Wallachia, a brutal purge entailed

He captured Saxon villagers and had them all impaled

Tales of his sheer cruelty shocked neighbouring Russia then

Appalled at acts inflicted upon their fellow men

Five-sixty long years later, this time a Russian man

Has invaded Ukraine’s land with equal brutal plan

He sent his troops with tanks and guns and missiles from the skies

He said he was just peace-keeping, but we saw through his lies,

And now he’s faced with setbacks, he takes out his frustration

Threatening a nuclear strike with no justification

His lap-dog generals are disgraced, his army in retreat

And so he bombs civilians and targets urban streets

We hope his people see the signs, with conscripts sent abroad

To be more cannon fodder - for too long they’ve ignored

The carnage that the World has seen, the months of ceaseless strife

The towns and cities laid to waste, the needless loss of life

This Vladimir has caused more deaths than even his namesake

Thank God we have Zelensky and hope he’ll never break.

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