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Yule Be Sorry


We went to the Parks Restaurant and left the car in park
But when we went to leave the place, the blighter wouldn't start
The lunch had been a pleasure - the afters were a pain
It could have been a lot, lot worse - we might have stood in rain
Dave blamed himself - for lights left on had made the battery flat
The RAC was summoned - we thought that that was that
The man they sent was super, with jump leads and a smile
But he was clearly flummoxed - said, This could take a while
You'll need recovery vehicle, so we all headed home
He said he’d ask his HQ to get in touch by phone
The car would go to Kevin's, who's closed until New Year,
Not the start for Christmas to fill us with good cheer
But when Dave took his keys along to meet recovery chap
The car it started smoothly - he knew it wasn't crap
The moral, Dave, is simple - don't of your Renault boast
If you run down your battery, your Yuletide will be toast.

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