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Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake of summer dreams

Fed by hidden mountain streams

Where happy children safely play

Within the care of Timber Bay

Where sunshine warms away one's cares

Reclining on Muskoka chairs

Cottages commanding views

 Of speedboats sleek and red canoes

Where morning ducks can feast on bread

 And hummingbirds be sweetly fed

Green meadow sweep to sun-bleached dock

Where wooden launches gently rock

And bathers come to dive and leap

Into the waters cool and deep

Where hunting herons take a break

Before the take-off 'cross the lake

Long lunches laced with laughter talk

And forest trails to rambling walk

Woodpecker rap and buzzard call

Above the pine trees straight and tall

Afternoons that stretch to dusk

And chipmunks full with sweet nut husk

Butterflies of startling hue

And noisy jays of brilliant blue

Cold beers swigged on darkened porch

While fireflies flit with Nature's torch

And friends to share for old times' sake

Will draw me back to Fairy Lake.

Fairy Lake - cropped.png
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