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Lost Glove

In the great big scheme of things
It's not like a lost love
So why the sense of loss I felt
About a woollen glove
In winter when it's freezing
My fingers will turn white
I suffer from that Raynaud's
It's not a pretty sight
So gloves are an essential
When daily walks I'm on
But Wednesday morning did I find
My right hand glove had gone
It was not in my pocket
It was not on the ground
It was not in my hallway
It just could not be found
Now gloves are ten a penny
But these a special pair
I bought them up in Wigan
They're comfortable to wear
Despite continuous searching
I could not find a trace
So ordered up some new ones
From Amazon's sales place
Yet 'fore they were delivered
My lost glove reappeared
It was in neighbouring garden
And on a shrub branch speared
I must have simply dropped it
When picking up my bin
For Tuesday was recycling day
It's loss was just my sin
So now I'll have an extra pair
Not new ones just return
They'll be a good reminder
Of what I've had to learn
Always check my pockets
It is a golden rule
To make sure I have got both gloves
Not be a careless fool.






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