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La Chere Grandmere


La chere Grandmère beyond compare

Best mother and true friend

The keeper of the family tales

A fighter to the end

In Edmonton, Alberta

Began her odyssey

And steadfastly through wars and woes

She spanned the century

She loved her man, she loved her boys

She was their firm support

Dispensing words of wisdom

The joys of life she taught

She passed on French to children

She stored computer days

Intelligence shone through her

Ne’er ceasing to amaze

Once she found her Clevedon

There was no need to roam

She gave out tea and biscuits

With welcome to her home

Shopping, washing, ironing

All helped to keep her young

Looking after others’ needs

A heroine unsung

She had her hates, but less than loves

Her goodness plain to see

And sweet she found the uses

Of life’s adversity

We’ll miss you more than telling

Yet we will not despair

Your soul will still be with us -

Au revoir, la chere Grandmère

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