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Eating Up The Miles

Blow-outs on the inter-state

It’s tums not tyres that they inflate

Drive-in, drive-thru, bye, y’all

There’s fast food outlets wall to mall

Calorific ecstasy

Extra fries and kids go free

Wolf a Whopper, munch a Mac

Quench your thirst and hurry back

Waffle up and come right in

There’s double choc and double chin

Ring the change with Taco Bell

Tortilla’s flat though makes you swell

There’s a Wendy round the bend

Or Starvin’ Marvin, hi! my friend

Grab some grits, of greens a mess

Finger lick with Colonel S

Dunk a Donut, sink a beer

Feeling peckish? Hardee’s here

Or try a Denny’s fine scram slam

Enjoy your meal, well thank you, Ma’am

Pile it up and swill it down

It’s better feasting out of town

And don’t you worry ‘bout yourself

The coffee’s de-caff – so, good health!






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