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Poets' Walk









Winding round the hillside
With views far out to sea
A walk by men created
That lives in poetry
Where Tennyson and Coleridge
Were pleased to take their ease
The scents and sounds of summer
Come wafting on the breeze
From beached and weathered vessels
Beside the sheltered Pill
Past hidden Clevedon violets
The path ascends the hill
A seat there overlooking
The ebb and flow of tide
As high above the cliff edge
Grey gulls the updrafts ride
Rabbits here descendants
Of those for table bred
Scurry for quick cover
When dogs appear ahead
The way curves round the headland
As pier comes into sight
Framed against the skyline
Still stunning from this height
Beyond old church unchanging
Of faith staunch sentinel
Witness to white weddings
And to the funeral knell
Then by the ancient look-out
Descent to Salthouse Fields

With lake a shimmering mirror
And seaside town revealed.


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