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Pat's 76th Birthday

I've known our Pat for ages
Since she lived in a field
The Evening Post her starting point
Her talent there revealed
But then she went to London
And married one Bill Potts
We hardly saw her after that
We missed her lots and lots
But one fine day she reappeared
She'd now switched to PR
And though she worked in Keynsham
It wasn't all that far
A flat was shared in Clevedon
Before Bob Calver came
They made their home by Berrow beach
Life never was the same
But then a move to Burnham
On Crouch not on the Sea
They couldn't have gone further
I wonder, is it me?
Now she's reached the seven-six
A fanfare of trombone
Will greet this very special day
For one-time Patsy Bone.

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