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Kindred Spirits










At Cambridge they were bonded

A meeting there of minds

Not often kindred spirits

That in this world one finds

Poetry, philosophy

Twin loves to link this pair

But fate would end the life of one

Lead other to despair

When Hallam then was laid to rest

In Clevedon by the sea

Tennyson was absent

Adrift in misery

His grief expressed in flowing verse

Born from his fractured heart

His tribute In Memoriam

To friendship torn apart

Seventeen years the words laid down

The sentiments expressed

The stanzas flowing from the pen

Of one with talent blessed

Published then to much acclaim

A name to celebrate

And earn the finest accolade

Of Poet Laureate

His audience Queen and countrymen

Each poem would applaud

Alfred, born in Lincolnshire,

Destined to be a lord

Yet that true friend remembered

Approaching his own death

Hallam was the name he spoke

As he took final breath.

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